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detail page for “Street Corner“, part of the “Reflections on Houston” series.

Every neighborhood has its own perks, its own vibe, a certain feel. Once you live here, you’ll find your spot. The place that fits you. You’ll find your hang outs and mold your habits. You’ll locate your own little “corner” of the world.

The Height Theater is located flat on W 19th Street in Houston, but there is à French expression « le coin de rue » literally the street corner , which mean a cosy little neighborly hangout, so the picture was shot for 45° aside, and folded opposite ways on top and bottom to recreate that feeling.

Source File
Canon 5D Mark III + EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
44mm, ISO 50, f/8, 3 secs.
6A6A6027 [1200px]

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