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 When pictures are not the only things that are going to find a home…

What happens when you finally find the courage to tell your family that your identity does not meet conventional views? For some, it is an extraordinary act of bravery, and the amazing realization that your family will not only always love you, but also learn to understand you better and see you happy for who you are. For others, it’s the end of the road. You no longer belong to that family. Or friends. You no longer exist. You end up on the streets with no other resource than yourself. And when you’re just an adolescent, or even a young adult, with no trade, no job, no income, and no one to turn to, this is a terrifying thought.

With the help of many administrators and volunteers, a collaborative was built to end LBGT youth homelessness by 2020. But ending it sustainably requires to address not only housing, but also education, health, social relations, and so much more. Coordinated by the Montrose Center, the Nest Collaborative works with over 70 agencies to achieve this goal. It is a massive undertaking, and it needs our help.

In my Reflections on Houston series, the two pieces below carry some very important messages: “Tolerance” shows us that while light may shine on us differently, our differences are only self imposed, and “The Light Ahead” reminds us that, while we may start from a dark place, there is light at the end. But we need to embrace the colors around us to get there. And while bringing up awareness may be taking us one step ahead, it is hardly tangible. This is why I am happy to donate 50% of the proceeds of all metal prints of these two pieces, linked here below, to the Hatch Youth department of the Montrose Center to support the Nest Collaborative. You can also donate directly to the Montrose Center using this [link].

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