Limited Editions

Limited editions prints are sublimated on an 1/16″ thick aluminum plate, with  1/8″ round corners. The image is given a glossy finish for maximum color rendition and stunning visual impact. The picture plate in mounted on a 1/2″ foam core block and another aluminum plate. Those prints are durable, washable and ready to hang on the wall as purchased.

Based on the artwork, the work is either limited in quantity of a given size, or as an overall surface, allowing you to choose a size – the bigger, the more exclusive.

All limited prints are signed in the back, and, upon request, will be discreetly signed in the front lower right corner.

Dimensions Unit Price*
12″ x 12″ US$ 150
16″ x 16″ US$ 250
20″ x 20″ US$ 400
24″ x 12″ US$ 300
24″ x 16″ US$ 380
30″ x 20″ US$ 575
30″ x 30″ US$ 900
30″ x 45″ US$ 1,550
40″ x 20″ US$ 800
40″ x 40″ US$ 1,650
60″ x 30″ US$ 2,100
60″ x 40″ US$ 2,550
80″ x 40″ US$ 3,500

*all prices include 8.25% sales tax, shipping not included.

Open Editions

Open editions prints are printed on Fuji Deep Matte Velvet paper, a durable soft format with a deep color range. These prints are mounted under a white wash mat, with a backing board and are sold in an conservation acid-free sealed clear bag. While in open editions, these prints are still numbered and signed on the front mat.

Listed below is the size of the mat, ready to install in any frame of that dimension. The actual size of the picture will vary based on its aspect ratio (typically, a 2:3 image is a printed at 8″x12″ in a 11″x14″ mat, or 10″x15″ in a 16×20″ mat).

Other sizes, and framing can be done upon request.

Dimensions Unit Price*
11″ x 14″ US$ 45
16″ x 20″ US$ 70

*all prices include 8.25% sales tax, shipping not included.
US$5 off each print when ordering 3 or more.