Creative Portraits

If you hire a photographer to take your pictures, you want to make sure it stands out. You don’t want it to be only flattering, it needs to be unique, distinctive and memorable.

First, you tell us what you need, whether it is taking family portraits or creating your self sports memorabilia. Then, just let us find how we can impress your entourage with more than just another photo.

Check this [blog entry] to see how wide the possibilities are, and this [collection] of for my ongoing self-portrait project.

Art/Corporate Photography

With a mechanical engineering background and over 15 years of experience visiting various industries around the world, we can help showcase your business in a different light.

From shooting to post-processing, we will capture your assets and your workforce at the best of their expertise, to turn your products into new visuals. Frames prints, canvas wraps or aluminum prints, we offer a variety of media to display your new office art.

A few examples of what can be produced can be seen in my [Reflections on Houston] series.

Real Estate Support

How can you best display real estate to attract more visitors?

Indoors pictures are taken on rectilinear wide angle lenses, under different exposures and merged into HDR images (High Dynamic Range, for maximum details and vibrance). Outdoor pictures are preferrably taken at the golden hours (dawn or dusk). Aerials include both photos and videos and are typically taken from 110ft above.

20+ pictures and 360° aerial videos like [this one] are all HD and available for download 4 hours following the photo shoot.

Tailored Photography Services

In a time where everyone has a camera in their pocket and where social apps allows you to share anything at anytime, how do you become distinctive in that ocean of media?

FrenchTexan Photography, LLC wants to help you stand out and carefully craft new memories with every shot.

From preparation and setup, to editing, printing and delivery, including lifetime digital storage, we strive to work with you to deliver exactly the captures you are looking for in a variety of formats.

Getting Started…

What do you envision, and how can we help you? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.